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Chemical Composition

Testosterone Cypionate 175mg/ml

Testosterone Enanthate 175m/ml

Testosterone Propionate 50mg/ml

Chemical Formula

17-Hydroxyandrost-4-en-3-one is a chemical compound.

Testosterone Cypionate

Although testosterone is primarily a male sex hormone, women’s bodies have less of it than men’s. Even though it is produced naturally, there are times when a person needs more since there is a shortage. Sometimes, athletes look for methods to enhance their performance. Similar to testosterone enanthate, testosterone cypionate is a kind of testosterone. They resemble one another almost exactly.

Testosterone Enanthate

The male body produces testosterone on its own. This starts during puberty and lasts the rest of one’s life. But as we become younger, the body will produce a lot more of it. The hormone testosterone is crucial for development, sex desire, the capacity to achieve and sustain an erection, and endurance levels. When a guy reaches puberty, he may not grow and expand as he should. A doctor might advise against using Testosterone Enanthate. The body does not recognise this chemical as an imitator. Instead, it treats it the same as the testosterone that it naturally produces. The outcome is that the individual can gain from this hormonal equilibrium.

Testosterone Propionate

One of the best single ester testosterone compounds is testosterone propionate. It was an important discovery with a prominent place in both the medical and sports performance-enhancing drug industries. In spite of the fact that this is a synthetic version, there is no cause for alarm. The body will digest it correctly since it cannot distinguish between natural and artificial chemicals.

The addition of the ester changed how Testosterone Propionate was used. It suggested that the injections weren’t necessary to be given continuously. Instead, the body will release the testosterone over time.

Usage of TESTO COMBO 250mg

VEDI-PHARMA TESTO COMBO 175MG includes chemical components containing testosterone with prolonged operating time. These muscle tissues are both anabolic and androgenic stimulants, which cause muscle development and appearance to expand rapidly. It also strengthens the physique and increases libido in males.

The potent mixture contains 175mg cypionate testosterone, 175mg enanthate testosterone, and 50mg propionate testosterone. These substances together improve the strength of your muscles and increase the prominent muscular characteristics.


Vedi Pharma Testo Combo is an injectable steroid containing testosterone hormones of 400mg in three esters. Size and muscle strength, an overall sensation of well-being and enhanced sexual drive will make this steroid evident again. Vedi Pharma Testo Combo 400mg is one of the most potent steroid combinations available. The mixture results in both anabolic and androgenic characteristics that function on-site and for several days following injection by mixing three separate essential steroid components. Because of these characteristics, Vedi Pharma Combo 400mg is one of the best alternatives accessible. This is an oil-based testosterone solution, making it one of the most potent steroids on the market and one of the finest alternatives for consumers.

Benefits of TESTO COMBO 250mg

Vedi Pharma Testo Combo 400mg is a combination of testosterone chemical components that have a long duration of effect. This is both anabolic and androgenic, meaning it stimulates muscle tissue growth, resulting in fast muscular development and appearance. It also provides the body strength and increases desire in males.

There are 175mg of testosterone cypionate, 175mg of testosterone enanthate, and 50mg of testosterone propionate in this potent mix. These substances work together to improve muscular strength as well as the muscle’s prominent characteristics. In other words, the mixture aids in the development of both strength and attractiveness, not simply muscle appearance.

The impacts of this synthetical chemical last as long as 15 days since the last infusion, accordingly killing the need for regular infusions. The anabolic medication is vigorously aromatized (meaning, it changes over into estrogens). It additionally significantly stifles normal testosterone creation, making it important to utilize antiestrogens and HCG during a medication cycle and upon its consummation to lessen the dangers of incidental effects.

Cypionate produces comparative results to regular testosterone, the male sex chemical that is answerable for an individual’s generally enthusiastic and actual abilities. It causes animosity, animates muscle development, further develops sex drive, and leads to a hoarser voice. The steroid’s primary impacts include:

The quick advancement of muscles. The course of infusion causes considerable cell hydration, and water is answerable for a huge piece of the procured bulk. This makes the muscles look more alluring, however when the interaction is done, this outcome in difficulties. The total liquid is 1/3 of the complete improvement of the muscle.

Side effects

A powerful steroid with a high dosage of 400mg, Vedi Pharma Testo Combo 400mg. In many ways, it might disturb you. Nausea, headache, sleeping distress, vomiting, restlessness, increasing hair growth, are most prevalent.

A huge issue during testosterone enanthate utilization is its high propensity to aromatize, the significance of its transformation into estrogens. A competitor might foster gynecomastia, serious expansion, female example fat gathering and other such manifestations.


keep this medication away from heat, moisture, and light at temperatures ranging from 68°F to 77°F (20°C to 25°C Keep any medicines out of children’s reach.

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Active half-life

( 8.5 DAYS )



( 300-500MG / WEEKLY )



( YES )



( YES )



( YES )



( YES )



( YES )


Detection time in body

( 40 DAYS )

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