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Buy Anadrol 50mg


Buy Anadrol 50mg

Why buy Anadrol 50mg

Anadrol is an exceptionally effective steroid and jocks normally start to see their belongings towards the finish of the primary week. It is critical to take note that Anadrol can be liver harmful if not utilized mindfully. Weight lifters are encouraged to keep patterns of this steroid short, ideally a month and a half or less, and to hold dosages to 100 mg or less every day.

While Anadrol will expand hunger in appropriate dosages, this medication has been known to diminish craving, making it hard to eat, whenever manhandled in higher portions. A few clients of this steroid likewise report cerebral pains. This is a significant substance that ought to be treated with deference, however, whenever utilized appropriately can be an exceptionally valuable apparatus in accomplishing objectives.

Buy Anadrol 50mg

Buy Anadrol 50mg

Chemical Formula:


History of Anadrol:

Hoffmann La Roche Limited is a synthetic steroid used in the cure and usage of osteoporosis, anaemia, and muscle growth as an aid in malnourished or undeveloped individuals that is commercialized under the trade name “Anapolon.” Bodybuilders and sportsmen have misused anabolic androgenic steroids (AAS), such as oxymetholone.

Uncontrolled usage of oxymetholone can lead to several adverse consequences, of which cardiovascular problems are the most often documented.

Indication of Anadrol:

Indicated in the therapy of red cell production anemia. The administering of myelotoxic medicines commonly leads to acknowledged aplastic anaemia, congenital aplanatic anaemia, myelofibrosis, and hypoplastic anaemia. No further supporting measures such as transfusion, iron correction, folic acid, vitamin B12, pyridoxine deficiency, antimicrobial therapy, and the use of corticosteroids should be replaced by oxymetholone.

Mechanism of action:

Oxymetholone is 17 anabolic-androgenic alpha-alkylates and a synthetic testosterone derivative, the effects of which are utilized for treating muscle waste in individuals with HIV. Oxymetholone Testosterone effects can be produced in human beings and other vertebrates through two main mechanisms:

The Androgen receiver is activated (directly or as DHT). Free androgen-receptor-converting testosterone (T) is transported into the target tissue cell cytoplasm, which can be attached to or converted into 5α-dihydrotestosterone (DHT).

DHT is even stronger than T at the same androgen receiver, thus its androgenic power is approximately 2,5 times that of T. A structural alteration is being made in the T-receptor or DHT-receptor complex, which enables it to travel to the cell nucleus and to bind to the chromosomal dioxide cell sequences directly.

How to use Anadrol 50mg:

A daily dosage of 1-5 mg/kg body weight is suggested in children and adults. The normal effective dose is 1-2 mg/kg/day, although larger doses and dose individualization might be necessary. The response is typically not quick and a minimum trial should be conducted for three to six months.

Those hoping to cycle with Anadrol will normally utilize it the initial 3-6wks of a cycle that additionally incorporates an injectable type of Testosterone.



We can infer from the evaluations of this oxymetholone that it is not suggested for amateur athletes who have never used an anabolic-androgenic steroid. The drug’s rapid onset of action is brought about by a significant impact on hormones. The experienced pros in the field of iron pumping, those who have taken steroids for a long time and are familiar with hormone abnormalities, utilise it.

A suitable exercise regimen, together with intense training and a healthy diet, will lead to:

  • rapid and massive muscle mass gain;
  • improved bones and joints;
  • improved appetite;
  • improved sleep;
  • enhanced appetite and metabolism;
  • enhanced tenacity;
  • heightened sex desire;

Side effects of Anadrol:

It may cause a lack of appetite, obscure urine, clay stools, skin or eyes yellowing (yellowing), nausea, upper stomach discomfort, fast rise in weight.

Drug use can result in elevated cholesterol, liver problems, and excessive blood sugar levels. Anaemia can also result from an iron shortage in the bloodstream. An early rise in libido is brought on by abrupt hormonal imbalances, which are then followed by a fall.

Teenagers, novices, and female athletes are not advised to take the substance. Due to its affordable price and immediate benefits, Anadrol is frequently chosen by inexperienced athletes. They should be aware that this method while appearing to be simple, might result in dangerous illnesses.


Given the length of the list of side effects for Oxymetholone, it should come as no surprise that the medication also includes a lengthy number of warnings and precautions:

1. As the inactive chemicals in this prescription have the potential to cause allergic reactions or other issues, you should notify your doctor right once if you are allergic to Oxymetholone or have any other sensitivities. If you have any further allergies, you should let your doctor know.

2. Since there is a chance that it can harm the unborn kid or result in birth problems in the child, it shouldn’t be taken during pregnancy. You must call your doctor as soon as possible if you get pregnant or have any cause to believe that you could be pregnant. It is very suggested that you be on birth control before you ever consider using this anabolic steroid. In a similar vein, breastfeeding is not advised in case it enters your milk.

3. Liver tumours or cysts filled with blood can form as a result of using oxymetholone for a lengthy period. You should schedule a visit with your doctor right away if you have any upper stomach aches, a loss of appetite, dark urine, jaundice, or a sudden increase in weight. It will probably have an impact on both men’s and women’s fertility.

4. Anybody under the age of 18 should not take it without first seeking advice from a medical expert or their physician. Children should have X-rays taken every six months to ensure that it hasn’t slowed down their bone growth. Under no circumstances can this drug be administered to a third party.


If you buy Anadrol 50mg then Keep this drug away from heat, moisture, and light at 68°F to 77°F (20°C to 25°C). Keep any medications out of children’s reach. After the expiration date, throw away any unused medicine. Do not dump or spill unused drugs down the sink or drain.

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Active half-life

( 8.5 DAYS )



( 300-500MG / WEEKLY )



( YES )



( YES )



( YES )



( YES )



( YES )


Detection time in body

( 40 DAYS )

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    by Ryan Critchley (verified owner)

    I’m on my 6th day just really to test it as I’ve never tried Cenzo orals, but wow it’s good stuff. Only problem is I get really bad pressure in my sinuses on Anadrol, and this is no different. Started to get really bad leg shin splints when walking any fair distances. I like those side effects though as you know you’re dealing with quality gear. My brother loves it too but knocked his dose to 25mg because he couldn’t hack the sides at 50mg.

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    by lucasneedham22 (verified owner)

    Good gear can feel them every time I take one 💪

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